PeaceHealth needs your help!

PeaceHealth hospitals, clinics, doctors and nurses in Northwest Washington need the community’s help to make sure they can continue to safely provide care – not only to those suffering from severe illness from COVID-19, but also to those requiring care for the full range of illnesses and injuries that its doctors and nurses typically treat. 

  • Avoid any event or gathering that may attract a large number of people and where you cannot maintain a safe distance.


  • For any social gathering – keep it small, and outdoors is always the safer choice.


  • Wearing a mask over your mouth and nose whenever you are in a group of people helps to protect others and yourself. 


  • Wash or sanitize your hands regularly – avoid touching your face, eyes or mouth

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October 5th
Quarterly Meeting with Mayor Fleetwood

 Who We Are 

Founded in 1889, the society has grown from eight Whatcom County doctors to 338 physicians in San Juan and Whatcom counties combined.  Celebrating 131 years, the society has functioned as a promoter of public health in the 1930-1940s to educational philanthropists in the 1940-1950s.  Since the 1970s the society has sent legislative delegates to Olympia.   

As a non-profit professional association we provide free referral services to the community, professional and educational support to our local physicians and participation in community projects that support the local health and well-being all of people living in this part of the Pacific Northwest.

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