2021 Board of Directors 

Dina Levin, MD - President

Garret Jeffrey, DO - Vice-President

Kim Koyamatsu, MD - Secretary/Treasurer

Megan Ellingsen, MD - Advocacy Chair

Ken Bachenberg MD - Delegation Committee Chair

Marta Kazymyra, MD  - Honorary Trustee

Laura Backer, MD - Past-President

Gary Goldfogel, MD - Past-President

Edward Bloom, MD - Board Executive

Vernon Orton II, MD - Board Executive

Cari Matthews, MD - Board Executive

Sudhakar Karlapudi, MD - Board Executive

Greg Stern, MD - Delegation Committee

John Dunne, MD - Delegation Committee

April Metz de Montiel - Executive Director

 NWMS is Unified 

Northwest Washington Medical Society (Whatcom & San Juan Counties) is unified with the WSMA, requiring joint membership in both the county medical society and the WSMA (or the Washington Osteopathic Medical Association, as applicable).  Membership is open to all MDs, DOs, and PA-Cs practicing in Whatcom & San Juan Counties.

The process for membership renewal or to join NWMS, visit WSMA’s website or call 206-441-9762 or email membership@wsma.org. We are currently taking membership renewals and new application for 2021.


  • NWMS County Dues                                        

  • WSMA State Dues           

  • WSMA Group Rate       

  • WOMA                                   

  • WSMA 1st Year in Practice               

  • WSMA 2nd Year in Practice                                        

  • WSMA Limited Practice (20 hours or less/week)        

  • WSMA Physician Assistant 









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