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Covid-19 Information

With COVID-19 vaccine supply limited, PeaceHealth is contacting eligible patients

Although the state of Washington recently expanded COVID-19 vaccine eligibility, the demand for vaccine continues to exceed the number of doses the state has made available for eligible groups. As we receive vaccine,


PeaceHealth is reaching out to patients whose health record indicates they are eligible to schedule vaccine appointments, including those who are most medically vulnerable.  

Please do not call to schedule vaccine appointments or visit our clinics without a scheduled appointment. 

PeaceHealth has about 30,000 established patients in Whatcom County who are 65 or older or who receive care from a PHMG specialist and are considered high risk; we had adequate vaccine supply for about 2,200 people in these categories last week and about 1,100 this week, with no more vaccine available for at least the next two to four days.  We will not schedule vaccine appointments for patients unless we have vaccine available, and we are committed to securing required second doses for patients who receive a first dose from PeaceHealth.

At this time, PeaceHealth is contacting patients whose medical record indicates they are eligible by phone, or by email through our My PeaceHealth patient portal. This includes those who are established with PeaceHealth for primary care and those who have been seen by a PeaceHealth specialist and identified by their provider to be at higher risk.


If you are a PeaceHealth patient or have visited a PeaceHealth location in the past, you are encouraged to sign up for a My PeaceHealth account or log in to your existing account to ensure your contact information is up-to-date at Because our vaccine supply is extremely limited – and the amount of supply we receive varies from week-to-week – it may take time before you are able to schedule a vaccination appointment. 

We continue to follow state guidance to vaccinate health care workers, first responders and other 1a community members as quickly as possible in Washington. We will broaden our outreach in group 1b1 as more vaccine supply is made available. 

We are eager to partner with others in bringing an end to this pandemic, but the vaccination effort will take time. We are actively advocating with federal, state, and local partners for more vaccine to be made available in our communities, including outreach to vulnerable populations and communities of color. 
For more information or to sign up for COVID vaccine updates, go to

Opportunities for Health Care Providers
to Promote COVID Vaccinations

Unvaccinated Population: “Definitely Not” vs. “Wait and See”


Health Care Providers are Trusted Sources for Reliable Information on COVID-19 Vaccines

Kaiser Family Foundation COVID-19 Vaccine Monitor: Profile Of The Unvaccinated, Published: Jun 11, 2021

Kaiser Family Foundation COVID-19 Vaccine Monitor: June 2021, Published: Jun 30, 2021  

Health Care Providers are Trusted Information Sources

“Wait and See” group 


  • 78% have a “great deal” or “fair amount” of trust in their doctor to provide reliable information about COVID-19 vaccines.


  • 46% would be more likely to get vaccination if it was offered to them at a place they normally go for health care.


  • KFF reports: top concerns and factors that would increase likelihood of vaccination.

Insurance Payment for COVID Vaccination Consultations

Washington State Office of Insurance Commissioner 

Emergency Order:

“All [insurance] carriers shall cover consultations 

related to receiving vaccination against COVID-19.” 


  • Effective July 1- August 20, 2021 (subject to extension) 

  • No more than two consultations for a patient

  •  Diagnosis & CPT codes (item D-6)


Provider-Patient Communication

  • Ask and listen

  • Respect concerns - avoid using shame, fear, or guilt

  • More than one conversation

Conversation Tools:


Whatcom County Health Department Vaccine Confidence Discussion Guide.


Washington DOH - Health Care Provider Discussion Guide: Building Confidence in COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines


CDC - How to Talk to Your Patients About COVID-19 Vaccination.

Targeted “Inreach”

Use EMR to identify patients who are less likely to be vaccinated:

  • East, Northeast and North Whatcom County zip codes

  • Uninsured patients or those with Apple Health

  • Latinx and Slavic community members

Contact patients to inquire about their vaccination status or intention: 

  • Phone calls

  • Text

  • Mail postcards 

  • Flag charts

Offer Assistance

  • Make them a vaccination appointment at your clinic.

  • Help them schedule at another site that is convenient.

    🡪 Pharmacies – many locations and appointment days/times

  • Give phone numbers for scheduling assistance – “real people,” language access

    •  WCHD Vaccine Access Scheduling line: 360-778-6075.

    •  DOH vaccine hotline: 833-VAXHELP (833-829-4357)

Email or text the link to WA Vaccine Locator:

Promoting Vaccination

What are you trying out?

What are you learning?

Challenges, successes?

*This information came from the Whatcom Health Alliance meeting on July 13, 2021*