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Opportunities for Health Care Providers
to Promote COVID Vaccinations

Unvaccinated Population: “Definitely Not” vs. “Wait and See”


Health Care Providers are Trusted Sources for Reliable Information on COVID-19 Vaccines

Kaiser Family Foundation COVID-19 Vaccine Monitor: Profile Of The Unvaccinated, Published: Jun 11, 2021

Kaiser Family Foundation COVID-19 Vaccine Monitor: June 2021, Published: Jun 30, 2021  

Health Care Providers are Trusted Information Sources

“Wait and See” group 


  • 78% have a “great deal” or “fair amount” of trust in their doctor to provide reliable information about COVID-19 vaccines.


  • 46% would be more likely to get vaccination if it was offered to them at a place they normally go for health care.


  • KFF reports: top concerns and factors that would increase likelihood of vaccination.

Insurance Payment for COVID Vaccination Consultations

Washington State Office of Insurance Commissioner 

Emergency Order:

“All [insurance] carriers shall cover consultations 

related to receiving vaccination against COVID-19.” 


  • Effective July 1- August 20, 2021 (subject to extension) 

  • No more than two consultations for a patient

  •  Diagnosis & CPT codes (item D-6)


Provider-Patient Communication

  • Ask and listen

  • Respect concerns - avoid using shame, fear, or guilt

  • More than one conversation

Conversation Tools:


Whatcom County Health Department Vaccine Confidence Discussion Guide.


Washington DOH - Health Care Provider Discussion Guide: Building Confidence in COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines


CDC - How to Talk to Your Patients About COVID-19 Vaccination.

Targeted “Inreach”

Use EMR to identify patients who are less likely to be vaccinated:

  • East, Northeast and North Whatcom County zip codes

  • Uninsured patients or those with Apple Health

  • Latinx and Slavic community members

Contact patients to inquire about their vaccination status or intention: 

  • Phone calls

  • Text

  • Mail postcards 

  • Flag charts

Offer Assistance

  • Make them a vaccination appointment at your clinic.

  • Help them schedule at another site that is convenient.

    🡪 Pharmacies – many locations and appointment days/times

  • Give phone numbers for scheduling assistance – “real people,” language access

    •  WCHD Vaccine Access Scheduling line: 360-778-6075.

    •  DOH vaccine hotline: 833-VAXHELP (833-829-4357)

Email or text the link to WA Vaccine Locator:

Promoting Vaccination

What are you trying out?

What are you learning?

Challenges, successes?

*This information came from the Whatcom Health Alliance meeting on July 13, 2021*

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