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Generosity - Sustainability - Integrity.

A local real estate company with a background in philanthropic NGOs.   5% of realtor fees will go to the charity of clients choice.  


Solstice Senior Living is located on Fairhaven Parkway, in Bellingham.  Contact Randi Alexsson for information on amenities and availability


Jennifer Hebert, a supporter the NWMS annual Women Doctors' Luncheon and local female owned businesses.  


One of the sponors for the 2020 Women Doctors' Luncheon, Advanced Medical Massage is a woman-owned and operated local business has been a  supporter of local physician for years.  


Keith Cox Autobahn is dedicated to high quality, experienced automobile service and maintenance. Mechanic to several NWMS board members, they come widely-recommended, and have recently donated services for Executive transportation.

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Provider of many of our member malpractice insurance, Physicians Insurance has always been supportive of our Women Doctor's Tea.

Thank you Physicians Insurance!

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